WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

La báscula de composición corporal inteligente de 12 métricas que le da el poder de tomar el control de su salud. Controle su peso, IMC y composición corporal con QardioBase X.

iOS and Android compatible.

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Rainer Neugebauer
Fast and precise results, but body composition rarely works

I bought the QardioBase X as an upgrade from my original QardioBase, on which body composition mostly didn’t work.

I’m happy that it gives me my weight within seconds and never complains that I hadn’t been standing still. Also, the results seem to be repeatable and it reacts to small differences (like when I weigh myself again holding my iPhone), whereas the old QardioBase seemed to often simply present the result of the last weighing (maybe because of an imprecise mechanism where it seemed a better bet to present the previous reading rather than offering many different values in repetitive weighings).

But I’m very disappointed that QardioBase X almost never reports Body Composition.

It did recently, I was happy and stepped on again - same weight but no Body Composition.

Support sounded like Microsoft - do a reset and try again - which I did, but no improvement.

I’ll send it back if this problem isn’t resolved quickly - after all, I bought it to get reliable Body Composition results.

Δημήτρης Σκούρας

QardioBase X

Nicolas Egger
Great body info, nice design

Very helpful to monitor the detailed body changes, e.g. water or fat, etc. Must have

Marco Sodini
Very Good Experience

Qardio Base X is definitely very good! Thea measure is accurate as i expected. One star less as connection with mobile app is not always quick and takes a little too much to trasfer datas, but i am sure next updates will fix this! It does exactly what it promises!! Happy about

Chris Ramsay
Great product, but…..

Not much info on the app about what each measurement means and the app layout is not easy to navigate

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